kill the penguin

I have made a rough draft of a idea i had about the missing linux clients for online role games. :frowning:

What do you think about it? How can i improve? Any suggestions?

Shame on you,
you will have no success TUX IS IMMORTAL :yes:

  1. that’s not how you spell penguin
  2. Linux users will totally kill you for this
  3. I totally get the sentiment, though. I had serious problems with Linux (yeah yeah yeah, I know, it’s my fault not Linux’, but still, it didn’t work for me). but don’t tell the Debianheads I said so :S

I will have my revenge on you.

Not before me though.

well i had serious problems with windows… its not a good performer and get more crappy every new version.
But time will prove my opinion. :smiley:

EVERYONE has serious problems with Windows :S

'Cept me…

and me. I do favor linux more though.

I love windows…Or…almost all form of it before Vista arrived…

yet though I like linux too, specially Ubuntu, Suse, kubuntu… Not my OS of preference, but is nice and I handle it ok.

(stupid word count)

he will fail

like this giant windows-bot did fail against Tux:
forum entry with pictures:

and the link to the page (its in the forum entry too)
to the battle (as video)

and it is not made with blender …
sniifff … he used maya …

Very nice animation with a happy end i liked very much, and wanna share this with the world!

Hahaha! :smiley:

Maybe the killer tux comes to help the slaughtered penguin in my Draft :eek:

A small update:

i like windows… tho never tried linux

If you liike to test it out, give Ubuntu a chance… :yes:
In the newest version you could even completly install it on you NTFS Partition like any other program on windows and if you dislike deinstall it on windows.

This feature is the absolutly overkill!
Alternative you could also only try it with the boot cd.

Wanna team up?



it’s a bit hard to say at this point, but couple of things come to mind.

it’s a bit messy… especially with the update picture there is lot of stuff there, and compositing looks very slapped-together…

the characters in front, the one that has the chains, and the one with wand could be posed and positioned better.

tux is the key here, maybe try to bring him more in focus point. now there is just lot of things, and eyes start wandering.