Kill the Red Cubes

I spent some time playing with the engine. This is the first thing that I “finished”. Some cheap textures and a little buggy, but anyway…I plan to work a little bit on it ^^ [1.08MB]
edit:Updated Link

Very nice.

I really like it. It’s a little too hard for my taste, but im sure half of that is probably just me needing to get used to the gameplay.

This thing has a lot of potential, keep up the good work.

Edit - It’s spelled Lives, not Lifes.

The game is interesting but the moving is a but difficult. If you can, make the spaceship to be controlled with the mouse. It may require some thinking but it will make the game more easy and interesting to play…

This game really reminds me of “Arcadrome”, look it up on the net, it might give you some ideas…

Also, somekind of a bonus cube appearing form time to time would make things a lot more interesting. The bonuses could be: an extra life, a different gun, freezing the enemy guns and you could also include traps like: freezing trap, “20 seconds to win the level or die” trap etc…(Maybe there is a bonus cube but i was too lazy to find out :D, if there is then i apologise…)

Keep it up!

I really like the colors/3d model, the overall look of the game and the idea, but control is to much difficult for my AZERTY keyboard , lol

Looks pretty good. Would be much more fun if it wasn’t so hard (the guns find you way too fast and its hard to avoid all those bullets)

Thx people
Right now Im trying to create a basic structure where I can work upon later. Uploaded a new version now…fixes some problems while shoting and hitting things, increased some cooldowns, decreased patroltime from the guns a little bit, tweaked some damage values, and added some basic bonus items when u kill something ^^

Social: Fixed ^^
Zazu: right now, mouse is a obscure thing to me…I need to research about this a little bit more. I found the pictues of Arcadrome…seems a pretty cool game.
DeeVad: I know about this problem.I know I would have a keyboard setup system… but u have the blendfile…just change the keys manually ^^
MagicMan: Changed some things now

I hate the rapidshare. It always says that I’m making a download, but I’m not!

Hey, you’ve stolen my idea! I was doing a cube game this month, but it was the rock cube against the terrible flying murderer red cube.
But it was just a test… I’m doing a robot’s game, and the hindu gods are the inspiration for the robots.

Denommus : if u wanna see the game, I can email it to you. This game is a test to mee too, but this test is coming along pretty nicely to my taste ^^. Hope to see your game soon

Btw, another update: fixed some issues with power ups showing, added some power ups here and there in the map, rearranged some objects to give more space, added a 3-level update cannon system, and now the things killed may drop a power-up.

Updated something…hope its easier now ^^
Added 2 types of shot, added 1 new enemy, rearranged somethings here and there 412KB

Hey, send to me.
[email protected]

Uops…sorry…I was a little off for some time ^^

Btw…I think Im done with this game. As a first attempt to make something, I think its ok…I reached that point when we all leave some projects behind ^^. I added 3 different levels, some shameless textures, some new enemies and tried to fix a lot of problems. [1.08MB]

LOL I couldn’t figure out the objective. But now I see the title screen doh

great keep working on this game it’s cool

I love it, it’s just too short!