Killed for a laugh

Heres the deal.

Last Friday (13) I went to a gig at my local recreation centre (bridgend rec) for a night out.
My dad drove me and a few mates there after getting some alcohol for us on the way.
We arrived at the gig and walked to this bridge thing to drink before we went in.
About four swigs into my first can, 2 cops turn up around the corner. Not wanting to risk being arrested we neither fought nor ran. Our alcohol was ‘confiscated’. No doubt those cops got drunk after their shift.

Already pissed off, we went to the gig. After queing for like 10 minutes I realised that about half the people I went down with hadn’t even got in due to the place being full.
I have to admit though, it was an awesome gig. Great bands, (all heavy/death metal) awesome moshpits and even a wall of death.

I left the gig early with some of my friends to meet up with those who didn’t get in.
So we met up and were all chilling outside when this big group of chavs (and yes I use the stereotype here because they fit it oh so well) just ran up and punched one of my friends

Now understand that there was LOADS more of them than us and we were not prepared at all.
Everybody ran and then we realised that we’d left 2 people behind.
Nobody wanted to risk going back so me and Sam Webb ran it alone to try and find them. At this point there was like 30 of the chavs.
Pointless attempt really and we ended up running, but we had to try.
Even more of them turned up in cars.

So, the fights broke out and by the end of the night (after we’d all met up and left) there was literally fighting all around bridgend.

The next day I heard rumors that somebody had been killed in it and I didn’t believe it at all. People like to talk.
But today I saw in a newspaper that 2 people from the gig had been stabbed, one fatally.

So now theres probably going to be all out war or something. Maybe the gigs will be shut down. Some poor guys dead now.
And all because some people idea of a good time is picking fights with people THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW.

I had to look up some of your terms such as chavs in an urban dictionnary as I never heard of some of them. I understand why you’re ranting. The act of some idiot who wanted to pick a fight with a friend of yours for no reason turned the whole place into a brawl and for what? for fun? who has fun doing this?! And brawls always escalate and I feel sorry for the poor guy who was probably only defending himself against a stranger.
All this on a Friday 13…

Whoever gets his laughs from THAT is sick. There are always people who need to feed their fragile ego’s and demonstrate their so-called “superiority” by attacking others, ruining events and whatnot.
Those chavs as you call them must have been thinking that the date was an excuse for hurting others… Come and and get a life…
I’m glad to hear you and your friends are allright, New_Neo
But let that event not be a reason to stop going to to places! Not everyone has a mental problem!

That’s one reason why I would avoid such party places late at night. Those things can turn dangerous and of course there’s drinking which I abolutely hate.

Chavs think any night is good for a fight. They decide to pick on a group of people (students / people coming out of a metal gig / whatever) that are readily identifiable and start a fight with the aim being seriously injuring people.

All in the name of mob mentality and loutish behaviour and complete idiotic intolerance of different people. It is a close friend of racism.

I think the main problem (in the UK at least) is a diverse culture with 60 million people cramped in a small country with too much history. Breeds idiocy for some reason.

Oh well…


Chavs, Non Educated Delincuants generally wear “trackies” (known as neds ups here in Scotland). Pain in the arse they are.

These people will live sad pitiful lives, probably living in council houses and dont really understand the phrase “Get a job”.

Did anyone phone the police? I know it sounds like the cowards way out but its only way to deal with these kind of brain dead people.

Glad to hear your okay. :slight_smile:
That reminds me of something about a ned/chav many of these kind of people “dog” school (truainting) to get away from school as they think it rubbish. But what I cant understand is when the school can finally get rid of them (legal leaving age) they hang down at the bottom gates.

I mean WTF? they dogged school nearly every day, not learning anything to get the some kind of qualification. And then they spend the rest of there sad lives hanging around the bottom gates of the school.

Just had to say that. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t look like a mental problem, when they arrive in groups, and even travel
by car to make such a chaos. That is pure crazyness, boredom, bad childhood and so.

I’m glad you was not hurt, neo, and I hope all your mates are all right.
It sounds bad about the cops too. Can’t you make a complaint to a police station or something…
After all, the police officers stole your drinks, AND the fight might not have turned out
that bad, if they had been there, sober.

A lot of times these things are instigated for purposes not at all related to what they seem to be. It’s best to avoid violence and mob mentalities in general (IMHO).

Be good, and have peace people! :slight_smile:

Genocide anyone? cocks double barrel-sawed off shotgun

(It’s a Joke… for those without a sense of humor)

Anyway, I would have probably taken a more violent approach in a situation like that (provided that im provoked first by a group of idiots like that and outnumbered in a violent situation, and that i have a place to hide and prepare my weapons). All i need is a few pop-bottles, some (siphoned?) gas, and a few rags and i can raise some hell. It would be April 26, 1992 all over again.

In all sincerity though, im glad you and your friends got away. Violence should only be a last resort when there is no reasoning with people. The world is so corrupt these days…

Too true. Not only in the UK though.

uk is a lot bigger than holland:P yet here’s 16 million people here… with a lot of history too… but… it happens everywhere… wherever people are… violence is present, always has been, always will be… humans are ment to be the cause of their own extinction, no negative thinking here… but people are sick

and jake, to think you invited me to the gig! im thanking god i was in ogmore. did dan hit back?

In America we call them wiggas… Although they are more wussie then anything.

I heard once that these kind of things were more likely to happen at a heavy/death metal concert than any other kind because the music can actually make people more violent.

and just for the record, here is strong bad’s version of “death” metal:

That’s not the paricular case with chavs - to put in an anology, it’s like putting a troop of KKK in a Martin Luther King memorial.


People like that make me angry - how low must you be to just give up on life like that? Plenty of good people come from bad family backgrounds (albeit abuse, poor parenting, divorce etc.) - so that’s no excuse. No, I put it down to downright unabashed ignorance, lack of determinatation to progress in life and quite frankly a low pleasure threshold. Put simply - sheep. They don’t think for themselves and they only think on two modes: Drink, sex. That’s it.

And unfortunately once a person gets like that there is little chance of saving them unless serious measures are used. Unfortunately Mr Blair just happens to be a slave to the Human Rights Act - which, granted, I agree with - but that doesn’t mean that one has to follow them slavishly.

Those Btds that started on you that night are cowards - and I hope they get what’s coming to them. I hope that your friends are alright and that you manage to catch the person who started the whole thing - and have a little “chat” with him.

What I find ironic about this, is the setting. You went to a “Death-metal” music concert and then were suprised when someone died? Why should that be suprising, most death/heavy-metal music is so depressing/dark/violent, what else can be the outcome? Music is powerful (ask any movie producer), never underestimate it’s ability to control your emotions and mind.

What I find ironic about this, is the setting. You went to a “Death-metal” music concert and then were suprised when someone died? Why should that be suprising, most death/heavy-metal music is so depressing/dark/violent, what else can be the outcome? Music is powerful (ask any movie producer), never underestimate it’s ability to control your emotions and mind.

Just to say most people who are Neds/Chavs usually listen to Rave/Dance music, those who listen to Heavy/Death metal are usually calm and dont pick fights for fun.

Yeah, I think some people have the wrong impression.

People going to gig = Metal fans = not starting fight = getting attacked

Chavs = Listen to mostly Dance music / irrelevant / NOT metal or the like at all = violent thugs cruising around for trouble

The people doing the brutal beating (and killing) were people who can’t stand metal (or people who listen to it (or anyone who isn’t part of their lout culture)).

So the violence wasn’t caused by the emotions hightened by the music - cause the initiators hadn’t been listening to it (they had probably been out getting drunk - but that is another matter).

Which is what kit89 said spelt out a bit more.


I listen to metal all the time… and I’ve been to loads of black metal gigs… but in my days, I’ve never layed a finger on anyone around me, let alone for fun… most people listening to metal listen to it cause of the music or something in the lyrics appeals… not because of the agression

Chavs are absolute vermin, somebody needs to invent the Chav Dalek to cruise around the streets exterminating anyone wearing a clown pendant or with their trackies tucked into their socks.

I’m sorry these jobless plebs ruined your night out, and I hope your friends weren’t the ones on the wrong end of the worst of the violence.