Killer Bean Forever!

Its out! Or at least, the official website is. (: I think we will be able to watch it pretty soon!

and the official trailer:

I can’t wait! :smiley:

thats so awesome
we need a big project like that

Jeff Lews Tutorials are a great ressource also.

Wow! That guy was the lead animator in The Matrix Reloaded! (The producer/director)

I saw ‘The party’ long ago, but this is gonna be cool!

Oh yes!!!

definite quality upgrade from the one made back in 2000. His dvds look good too.

That guy is a hero.

He self-financed himself to produce a feature lenght animated movie…all by himself. When the dvd comes out, make sure to buy it if you can. Encouraging such people is the key to bring the animated feature industry to the masses! :slight_smile:

okok I’m stretching it a little bit, but still that guy deserve it!

There seems to be a complete sea change since the last one. Does anyone know what hes using for modeling/rendering? I know he used to use somthing called Animation Master.

I think he is using Maya at least I remember something like that from a thread on CGTalk.

Yearh its pretty nice. Ive mailed him, and he said “the movie is done and is now being shopped around in the film markets for distribution. Look for exciting news in the next few months!”
YiepeeiiI! :smiley:

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