Killer Coelhinho of Death de Massinha

The title means “Killer Clay Rabbit of Death” and is inspired by Wallace and Gromit´s Rabbits. Made with Blender and post-pro with Photo-Paint.


Excellent work. Really captures the style.


Fingerprints was made with a texture full of fingerprints set to Nor?
Grass must be a photo, right?

Good stuff.


oh wow!!! I loved that movie. good work!

Ha… I thought that rabbit looked familiar as soon as I saw it. You’ve really captured the style of it!


Oh man, I watch this movie like 2-3 times a week with my kids.

Great job. Looks amost perfect.


Burre: Thanks for your comments! I think the ilumination helped with the atmosphere…

Sago: thanks! the fingerprints are a texture UV-mapped with Nor Activated…
The scenery is a composition of many photos… so the grass is a photo… the rabbit is 3d…
darko: Me too! hehehe txs!
Aligorith: These rabbits are so funny! hehehe thanks!
BgDM: hehehe… I watched it twice, but that was enought to inspire me do to dis piece… heheh thanks!

haha! this is a evry nice idea!

wonderful work!
i love the grass…

suckup: thanks! that´s nice to see that people liked it!
jazzroy: thanks! the grass are a composition of many photos… the original photos are day pictures with sun light… a lot of work to get this moonlight atmosphere… thanks!

The way the rabbits blend in the grass is a tad odd but otherwise this is great. Especially the mood.

yfkar: yeah… that´s a 2d image manipulation…the rabbit is 3D and grass is 2D… that´s why it looks strange… but i agree with you… i think the mood is great… thanks for your comment!!

kool work.rabbit is v cute.i hope he is not the real killer! :smiley:

Hah, very well realised scene. The use of fingerprints on the models is inspired.
What prompted the idea of the fingerprints? It’s a nice touch and really draws you back for a second look.

Very nice image. I think the plasticine effect is great, it looks a lot like the original.

The only thing I’d say is the underside of the rabbit looks a bit bright maybe compared to the chin so it doesn’t blend in so well with the backdrop. If you added the grass post-pro, you could take the rabbit image and add a gradient from the rabbit’s belly down to its feet and that might work.

rusted: Hehehe! even the cute people do nasty things! heheheh

chimpoid: Thanks! the fingerprints are common in plasticine stop-motion movies like “Wallace & Grommit” (that inspired me to do this piece) and “Chicken Run!” (both from Aardmans animation studio…) and I thougth it wold be nice to include the fingerprint in the 3D world… thanks for your comments!

osxrules: Thanks! In order to get this clay-like effect, I used toon shading and uv-mapped fingerprint textures with nor activated…
I must agree with you about the shadows… they need more work to blend better on the background… thanks for reminding-me about that! and thanks for your comments!!