Killer freeware realtime demo creator

In the category of freeware cool 3D stuff, check out this “demo construction” software.

Click on the pic to go to the site.

This is the most bad-a$$ freeware thing i’ve seen since Blender.

rock on

I tried using it, except I have no idea how.

Me either. :frowning:

the tutorial it comes with is pretty good [is in start menu]

also, check the website for docs

Looks interesting. Most of the project .EXE files are below 64k ! :o

i tryed running the demos, non of them worked :expressionless: :frowning:

hhhmmmm i might trie that when im on my computer (im on my mums)

I tried differnt times to get this to work on my PC. Sounds intersting enough. I hit thier forums and tried various things. It wont even work on my box. some dudes in the forums said that I had to type these lines of stuff into some file or commandline or somthing…Argh! lol… I don’t know. I will have to say that it’s interesting to look at the screenshots…next

link rejected by Peerguardian:
:frowning: :o