Killer Robot

I’ve been working on creating a ‘killer robot’. The above is a render of it at it’s current level. That is, what you can see of the robot.

In reality, it looks more like… well… this.

I was hoping to get critique and suggestions. Any thoughts, guys? This is my first extensive modelling project, and my first attempt to make an epic realistic character.

It’s hard to give critique when you can’t see the model properly…

I like the top render. Yeah but the bottom render is way too dark to see anything.

Alright, I’ll put up some screenshots of it in the workspace! Sorry for not realizing that it IS way to dark to see detail.

Dude,i am not even sure whats going on with your topology XD :smiley:

The arms look like a ton of faces overlapping in random ways

I did use a displacement modifier on the lower left arm, but the rest is modelled with things like Shrinkwrap and Subdivision Surface.

Yeah I think the head looks good with top down lighting, but the topology is pretty f’d right there. That’s an easy thing to fix though. Oh bro, you got some crazy shit goin on with ur arms. You need to post ur .blend for any further help. IMO I think you tried to model that guy in a single go in edit mode. That robot should be made up of lots of separate objects parented to each other and then, to make ur life easier, you should add some motion constraints.

Don’t get discouraged though. Sucks when you upload something you put time into and everyone poops on it. lol Just keep refining and it will get better. The world needs more assassin robots that’s for sure.

Well, I DID use separate objects, but I’ve never heard of using motion constraints and parenting for modeling. What do they do?

I think it might be better to start over at this point. However, I’ll probably wait until my skills develop some more before attempting this again.

In the meantime, I’ll focus on trying to learn compositioning…

Neh don’t wait IRE. Ur doing fine. Even the pros post work and get ppl telling them its wrong. Motion constraints are more for animating. They keep arms from bending past natural limits. Stuff like that. You can constrain the movement of anything along an axi or along a path or w/e. You don’t need them if you aren’t animating really. I would really love to know what caused all that tearing and crap on the arm. I’m sure it was something easily fixable.

You can’t expect to become a pro overnight. The only way you’ll ever get better is by never giving up. Do you have dropbox? If not here’s a link. Use that and get an extra 500MB of space. Upload ur .blend file to that and then get a link from the site that you can share here. Then ppl can download your .blend file and see where you might have made a mistake and help you to figure it out. I’m sure ur a bit sick of this robot at this point, but stick with it and you’ll learn a ton. Your next robot will be 1000x better.

If its a small blend file you can use this: It’s a little quicker if you dont already have a dropbox setup. Would also be interested in seeing the .blend file.

Well, alright. I’ll post the .blend. I am probably going to wait to come back to this until I have some more experience under my belt.