(Smoky Joe) #1

After like…a year of no blendering, I just couldn’t resist coming back to my passion. :smiley:

This is a piece of fanart I made in honor of the game that got me back into art: Killer 7. I used both Makehuman and Makehair in the process, but made sure to manually edit the verts plenty (which was pretty much necessary to properly rig it).
I messed around with the lightning until I got an effect similar to the cel-shading on the game. Also, those who’ve played it will understand the red particles.

(nehpets) #2

it looks pretty cool. kinda abstract actually…but that blood looks horrible

(Anayo) #3

The first thing that reminded me of was Killer 7, lol. It looks exactly like it.

The character is good. Landscape could use a little more detail, tho. -.-

All in all it’s quite picturesque.

(Kashoki) #4

In the game Killer 7, when a character us killed no blood comes out. Just these red particles.

It looks really close to it. Good JOB! :smiley: