Killing in Style

I want to keep this looking rounded and with soft edges. Suggestions on how to beef it up without making it clunky?


neat concept. i’d add more little details to make it more robotic…like wires and buttons and gadgety stuff.

if u want to make it more absurd or funny looking, add a huge gun to the top.

it seems to me that the feet are taller than the torso in scale. maybe give the body some more height. but other than that it looks pretty good.


If you ask me… the thing that really makes something “SEEM” beefy, in a war situation anyways is its size (obviously) and it’s guns. From the look of your guns your going the noisy cricket approach (Recall back to MIB 1 to know what I mean). Anyways, I would put a huge gun on an arm somewhere, somehow…


You could make this a little machine that drops out of a large more “BULKY” war machine. This one could be used more for speed and agility than sheer brute power. I don’t know…just a concept.

Your modelling is good, I see no flaws.


To make it more “beefy”, I’d recommend making the cockpit smaller (smaller seats, etc.) This will give the impression of a larger machine without having to really change much of the scale of the mech overall.
Nice work and nice materials.

Honestly, it looks a little like a toy :). Make i more squary, soft things dont look…industrialized, and dangerous. Give it some contour.