killing something after explostion.

(Dittohead) #1

ok space scene. missle hit big ship, big ship rocks starts fire and explodes.

big ship needs to dissaper during explosion.

how do i go about doing this? :-?

(Ringo7) #2

Simple. Have the ship jump to another layer at the frame it’s supposed to dissapear. There is a “Layer” option when pressing the “i” key. To do this, go to the first frame of your anim, select the ship and press i, select Layer from the menu. Next, go to the frame where the ship is going to vanish, now move the ship to another Layer (a layer that will not be included in the final anim). Finally, go to that Layer, make sure the ship is still selected and press the i key again and select Layer again from the menu.
This is the method I use and it works great.

(Dittohead) #3

aw, jeez why didn’t i see that.

thanks BTW.

(Ringo7) #4

Hey, don’t feel bad, I missed it too! :frowning: I found the answer (by accident) browsing a tutorial a while back…