Kim Possible

So my first attempt at anything human like. This is actually like the third attempt I’ve made at modeling kim possible, but the only one that shows any hope at all. I wasn’t too sure if I should keep a cartoony style, or go for something more realistic (not that I really have the artistic ability to differentiate the two), but I decided it’d be safest to keep everything as simple as I can for now. I don’t have any textures for it yet, and only very primitive rigging right now, but I’d like to think the basic modeling is ready for me to move on (except for the arms and hands, which were just hacked in from one of my very first models for now).

My biggest problem right now is the eyes. They’re big and cartoony. Problem is that the eyeball that would fill those sockets extends way outside the sides of the head when they get brought forward to the front of the socket. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I tried ovals or flattening the spheres, but then I couldn’t have them correctly rotate to track objects.

The hair will also be a big problem. It’s just a huge mass that is not too receptive of shape modifiers. I haven’t even started to worry about this yet though.

It’s very good for the first try at a humanoid. I like the style.

You need to have another look at your edgeloops on her face. Have a search on google for some examples.

Calvin’s Simple Page has a tutorial on making cartoon eyes inside a lattice, so you can deform them and they will still rotate properly to track objects. Once made, you can flatten the eyes so they’ll fit inside the head.

If you’re planning on animating, the loops will need a lot of attention. Start here:

This is for a realistic head, but it applies to cartoons as well, just use fewer faces. For example, I’ve got 17 faces in the loop around each eye, you could probably reduce that to 7 or 8.

Hair is not a problem, but it is very time consuming and tedious. Don’t expect instant results and do expect to spend a lot more time on hair than you’d planned. One trick is to constrain the hair in some way: ponytail, braids, barettes, a bun, lots of gel. With a ponytail hair style, for example, all people expect to see moving is the tail, the rest of the hair held in place by the clip or band where the tail begins.

Keep at it, you’ve got a really nice beginning here.

Orinoco’s suggestion for lattice controlled eyes helped my cartoon character a lot and she has really huge eyes. You should definitely give it a try.

There is a free Kim Possible model on turbosquid that could be good reference material, you might want to take a look at the wires for the face and hair.