Kimahri, FFX (update)

Sorry, since my server was wiped recently, I decided to start another thread since all the links on the previous became broken. Here’s an update on the progress so far:

I’m starting on the hands now and the lower body. I am still trying to find some referance images for his back. I found some that show it a little bit, but his wings kind of cover the area where the straps connect, so I may eventually end up just making something up for the straps in the back if I can’t find out exactly how they’re suposed to be.

I also started working on a plane system with alpha mapped textures for his hair with a combination of static particles, but it’s all looking like crap right now so I’ll post some renders when they start looking better.

All i can say is holy crap! Thats looking awesome!

On the back straps…I would imagine its a larger piece of leather that the straps tie to. Maybe a triangular shaped piece?