Kimahri, FFX

with lack of anything better to do in my time, and needing ideas for a new project, I decided to model the infamous Kimahri from Final Fantasy X. This is about 15 minutes of modeling and tweeking.

click here for a high resolution screenshot:

I’d like to thank Mr_Bomb for his awesome presentation at the Montreal conference for breaking me free from my traditional boxmodeling technique. I’ve really started to pick up on this patch modeling method.

Very nice so far

Here’s another update, not too much more then the first, but the head is starting to take a little bit of shape.

This one has a ton of topology fixes, especially around the mouth. There’s a pole and a loop end around the cheek area that I’ll try to clean up, but it looks a lot better then before.

Nice work. Edgeloops look really nice as well.

Looks like you need to smooth out some verts under the eye though. A little lumpy there.


woo Khimahri! I await progress =D

awesome work dude 8) cant wait to see it finish :smiley:

hmm… what to say but…

WOW :o :o :o

thats very nice, aka incredible. i’ve never modelled characters myself but i’ve heard the horror stories from other people. keep it up, i’ll be waiting to see the final.

Yet another update:

I think the hardest part was wrapping the ploy’s around the head to complete it. I have tons of loops around the mouth area and it sucks now because I have to work with the high amount of verticies, but it only means it gives me more to work with when I expand. The proportional editing tool has started to become very useful in making tweeking and adjustments.

I haven’t had much time today to work on him because I spent a majority of it driving to see my new puppy, Akodi, an AKC registered Siberian Husky. He’ll be joining the family at the end of December / begining of January when he’s old enough and fully weaned.

Anyways, here’s a quick update of what I did today, and I’ll continue to work on this throughout the night, so hopefully the next update will be more valuable. I’ve started working on his upper body and upper arms. I don’t predict this will be a hard area to model, maybe working in the detail in the muscle definition might be tricky, but other then that, I should be starting on the lowerbody and legs by tomorrow.

Muy bien, espectacular

Nice BrianH, the work is fantastic, I hope to see finished :smiley: :smiley:

I had to reply to this…(being that I have all FF games, & I am an avid fan of the series).

I really can’t give you a full critique on the face yet, cause i’m sure you’re not finished. But for what you’ve got, it’s very nice so far, especially since you’re doing this from a 2d Picture.

P.S. I’ll be watching this topic. :slight_smile:

Well, I guess I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped, but oh well. I will tweek the heck out of this later, but the basic form is starting to pull together. The armpit area is a pain, but I’ll get it working nicely by the time I’m done. I’m still working on getting the feel for poly-by-poly modeling, especially when it comes to closing off an area (i.e. wrapping his arms, etc) whereas in the box-modeling-extrusion method the polys are already closed off for you because you only worry about subdivision and extrusions.

After some decent modeling time, here’s another update:

Well, now that I got enough to make some decent renders, I’ll quit with the screenshots and show off some renderwork with AO. Like usual, I haven’t gotten into the nity gritty details yet, still working out the basic form.

I’ve shortened up his broken horn, it seemed too long the way it was before. I’ve also given him a tail which you can see in the previous screenshot. The progress may not be lightning speed, but it’s coming along smoothly. I really am not looking forward to his hair, it’s definitly going to be one of the hardest parts to get looking right, considering it’s one of his main defining features. Texturing should be fun though, so I hope in the end it will be decent. I am also considering opening up the finished .blend file to the community, but no guarantee’s yet, and please don’t constantly ask me about it either.

I really would like some crits and tips on this model as well. This is one of my first attempts at making a detailed and complete model, so advice from knowledgeable modelers is kindly appreciated.

I love it, very good modeling structure for the face and the body.

Nice so far, I think he should have larger pectoral muscles though.

Here’s the thing about the chest. Even if I make the muscle definition stand out, it’s 95% covered in tons of hair that hides it anyways. Here’s a referance image to show you what I mean:

BrianH, nice progress. Definitely looking forward to seeing this one and you should definitely animate it.

I was looking at the last page and all of a sudden saw your reference image and thought that was your model for a second. I was like wait a minute…how’d…but…the last screen I saw… lol.

Can’t wait to see you put those FF designers to shame! Keep it up.