Kind a stupid question but I need To know

How do you create Layers like in blender under links and materials where the drop down is I cant create layers! so how do you?


please… any one?

umm… your question is a bit vague…

to move an object to a different layer, select the object (in object mode), press [m], then the layer that you want to assign it to

i hope this helps

if not, please clarify your question a bit better


What drop down?

Are you talking about texture layers? Physical layers?

There’s always 20 physical layers where you can put your objects in Blender, you don’t have to create any, you can’t add more.

Texture layers are created automaticly when you add a texture to a material.

PS: Patience is a virtue…

time for a screen shot lol and I meen vertex group well how do you make more of these :expressionless: :

Those aren’t vertex groups, they are Mesh datablocks (identify as so by the ME tag in front). You create more by adding new meshes objects to the scene.

Vertex groups are create by pressing the New button just under that. Only in Edit Mode.


ok thanks but how do you create layers?

Oh never mind I found it


You did?

If you are online, you can select Help -> Manual from within Blender. These are the official Blender docs (some have yet to be written). Lots of useful information in there :slight_smile: