Kind-of Newbish Modeling Question

Ok, so for the most part I’ve been doing organic modeling (characters, that sort of thing). I have a question regarding modeling machinery and the like.
When working on a character, you want a completely unbroken mesh…no problem there. How does it work when working with a machine? From what I’ve read, modeling a car (for example) it’s easiest to model each part separately and put them together. Now, for complex shapes that include a lot of angular stuff plus a lot of curves, does it matter if parts of the mesh overlap? Included is an example of what I mean, a quick and dirty render of a shape I once saw in a tutorial…
I made the “cross” part by simply extruding a cube, and then I added the UV sphere on top of it. This means the cube shape runs through the UV sphere.
Is this overlap a problem? If I’d UV mapped each part would I run into trouble? Are there any tutorials dealing with this that I can check out?



It’s not exactly elegant, and you can run in to problems. Most people don’t just slap together objects, but in some cases that is the right thing to do. Modeling is a tough thing to do and it requires a lot of knowledge about geometry and topology. Some people start modeling from a single vertex, others start from a subsurfed cube. It all depends on what your making, and your personal preference. If I was to model a car, I would start with a vertex, and model the entire shell of the car, interior, windows and all. But then I would add the interior trim, the chassis, the wheels and other details separately.

I don’t really know what I am trying to say, so I will leave it at that. :stuck_out_tongue:
Perhaps one of the modeling gurus can give you some insight.

Thanks for the reply (I would like others as well)! I do know how to model, at least as far as organic objects go. Due to their nature everything is seemless (my preference is for extrusion modeling over box modeling).
The problem with machines and other objects is you get stuff where it’s pretty hard to model like that…let’s say you were doing some sort of gun coming out of the side of a vehicle…at its simplest this is a tube emerging from a plane. To make a single mesh, you’d need to subdivide the plane like crazy and then cut your hole and extrude the tube. If you can get away with it, simply creating a tube and having it come out of the plane gives you a much lower poly count (and seems a lot fewer headaches!).
Anyone have some input?

Yeah you could do that I think, but I think that it would be hard to animate it…maybe…no idea have never done it before. Remember that they have to be the same object…:spin:

The same object is fine…it’s easy enough to link the pieces together into one object…
My issue is the whole overlapping faces/edges/verts…is it Ok to do that?
If not does anyone have any links to any tutorials that might help (say, a car modeling tutorial)?