Kind of Squirrely

Goal is a reasonably realistic ‘generic’ squirrel ‘with personality’ (not species specific but would be recognized as a ‘common’ squirrel).

Something is bothering me as not quite right, I don’t know what - I think I’m missing a

‘uniquely squirrely’ something that makes a squirrel a squirrel??

It looks like it may be a bit too flat, but it’s hard to tell without the mirror. Really good! I like the blend between real and cartoon. I can’t wait to see it textured, furred, and rigged!

one thing about squirrels is their fur belies their size – I mean they are really very small creatures if you remove the fur – their tails are like a rat’s, they are very thin. You can fake their size with geometry, but if you want a more realistic look, the bulk of their size will be from their fur

the heads the wrong shape it looks like a fat tailed rat

maybe not a rat. chipmunk? no

something , just not a squirrel!

A squirrel usually has smaller ears i think and i agree with daren the tail should be smaller with fur. Great model though, keep it up!

Thanks for the input, everyone!
Tech Wreck, the width is really deceiving, I thought it was too fat, so I narrowed it quite a bit - and still I’m not certain it’s still too wide!
daren, I have limited computer capacity so I’ll probably need to make this textured only without extensive (or any) fur. I modeled the tail as "furred’ and hope I can get away with it, if not it will be easy enough to make a new accurately thin tail.
Small Troll, I’m confused, to me a rats head is much longer and pointed. I can see some chipmunk in the head, but that’s natural as both chipmunk and squirrel share similar dentition and morphology. Can you please provide examples of what you’re referring to?
wildwest, I’ll look at those ears, may be difficult to judge until it’s textured - thank you.

Ratty, for comparison.