Kind of standardisation ?

Hi there !

I know a part of the blender community is living in the QWERTY side of the world and another part is living in the AZERTY side (or others…:D).

When it’s easy for the QWERTY side to use letters keys to move something,
it is painful for the AZERTY side… (cause letters are not at the same place !)

So why don’t everybody use the ARROW keys or at least BOTH letters and Arrows ?

Could be cool…

I was thinking to make a script that gets the keys from a txt file. When the game starts it shows a console first for key input, when done it writes the info to the txt. If you type never ask again it won’t popup anymore unless you click it manually. :slight_smile:

This is just a idea I want to work out next year. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a good point. I know I’m guilty of often assuming everyone uses QWERTY keyboards.

I shall ensure alternate controls are available in my future games!

I don’t think your method is even possible in a runtime JD? I thought it ran sandboxed so you can’t write to any other files.

Yep, i`m guilty too. :expressionless:

Good point to raise numaQ.

Hmm, it is possible JD-Multi. On the demo/tutorial list, there’s a .blend that allows for custom keyboard controls. So if you can customize keys, you most definitely would be able to do what you suggested.

Excuse my ignorance, but what’s AZERTY style keyboard? So what would the keys be for AZERTY where W,A,S,D would be on a QWERTY keyboard?

Jason Lin

well, devorak isn’t azerty:

looks like this is tho:

NO! It’s the web plugin that is sandboxed. The runtime has no problems reading and writing to files, or importing external Python modules.

or importing external Python modules

How do you do that?