Kind of village

The last time I posted something in this forum, it was still called Elysium, and all dark grey and orange. I haven’t used Blender much since.
feels completely behind the times cough

So, just a little project to get back in shape with Blender.

That was the start of it yesterday.

And attached is the slightly improved version I did this night. I don’t really know what to think of it. It seems to lack a lot of things.
Maybe I should texture it, but honestly, I’m a bit affraid of that part :smiley:


I know!
Run it through Indigo!
It’s hard to make a bad render with Indigo.
By the way, I really like it!

Yea this is really cool! Love the whole theme of it. An Indigo render would be awesome!!!

Looking good, looks like a Mediterranean or Arabic city. Like something you would see in Assassins Creed, only more built up.
It just needs a few people in it to give it a bit of life. You could make it cartoony like, thus meaning you don’t really need to do too much with the texturing.

Ok, I’ll do an indigo render when I have the indigo sources :rolleyes: <j/k>

Well, a render on an external renderer may be a good idea, but not before the scene is finished :slight_smile:

Sammo54: So true, about the lack of people. I may try to add some. The cartoony theme seems like a good idea - especially when it’s about modeling people :smiley: (not sure I can still do that, argh. Saddly, 3D is not like bike - you can forget it)

You could always do a luxrender (sources included) :wink:

I like the way it looks as is, it would be cool in an animation. What kind of light setup are you using?

try makehuman. a really easy way to make people, that you can export to blender.

it looks really good. keep it up :slight_smile:

Reminds me of Escher, can’t wait to see it completed.

Hm, maybe now I can say that it’s done, and try various renderers.
(It seems the luxrender exporter doesn’t like Oren-Nayar diffuse shaders, and ignore them, so it made a 99% white city :D. I’ll try it again later, with Indigo and SunFlow too)
However, I’m sure I couldn’t help but tweak a few things here and there in the next weeks.

Bigger version >> is here <<

And yes, I way lazy and only added two grannies in a corner :stuck_out_tongue: And really, you don’t want to see the mesh. :evilgrin:
I also did a bit of texturing, on the orange building on the bottom, and on a few elements. It’s hardly visible but it’s there.

About the light setup :
There’s a single Sun lamp, slightly yellowish. (energy ~1.6)
Ambiant Occlusion is set to Sky Color (which is blue, and energy ~1.5) - the aim is to have a warm light and some colder shadows.

wow! i love to stay in the upper rooms!

Great work! t looks awesome. Not quite sure about the grannies but still a great pic :smiley: