Kinda cool....

I have always loved National Geographic (both the magazine and TV program), especially the animal and nature stories, so this article (and the accompanying photo) caught my eye- by the way, the description is mine:

Scary, yet cute in a weird way…

It’s amazing, some of the things you see in nature. :smiley:

That is pretty sweet! Kinda looks like the chinchilla from the BBB movie doesn’t it? Just a little more evil… I never knew these guys existed though.

Think we haven’t discovered all land creatures, wonder what beasts dwell in the depth of the ocean…I have heard that we have only discovered 5% or something of the ocean floor. What if there exists another intelligent alien species in the depth of the ocean that can’t live on the surface…it’s not impossible…:confused:

It looks cute, and it sure is tiny.

You know there’s big discoveries to be made when you recently find 300,000 gorillas and a new species of big cat.

That is so cute! thanks for posting.
BTW be careful linking to national G. They show native people semi-nude, and in some countries it is considered offensive to view humans in their natural environment.

It looks like a furbi!

Amazing what we have yet to learn after so long! Great find Moonflower!

@Dudebot13: Yeah, it does kind of look like that chinchilla :smiley: except the chinchilla had a slightly “duh” expression also.

@-[Killer]-:It does look like a Furby also! Man, I hate those stupid things!

Yes, Furbys scare me to death. My sister had a possessed one. It wouldn’t stop talking around 3:00 am. So she took the batteries out… turns out it still talked at 3:00 am… so she dropped it down the steps… it still worked. I’m not sure what ever happenned to that guy =/

I agree about those Furbys… I tested one at the store and it kept saying, “You, me, friends?” and I said, “Nah” then it said, “Yay!”. Then it said, “You happy see me?” so I said, “Nah” and it giggled. But if I answered, “No” it’s response would be, “Uh oh” and “Phhhht”. So I didn’t bother.

Just for comparison: