Kinda makes ya nervous, just thinkin' about

Kinda makes ya nervous, just thinkin’ about.

(GASP!!!) WHAT DID YOU DO!?!?!?!?!? :-?

hahaha, and the big truck little truck just sent me onto the floor laughing!! :o :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

How about this one. My dad saw this and showed me a while back. We’re from Alabama, and he used to work on tugboats up and down the Alabama waterways. One of the many things he did before joining the Navy. Alabama has several major navigable waterways (including the Mobile, Alabama, Black Warrior, Tennessee and Tombigbee Rivers, and the Ten-Tom Waterway linkink them all to the Tennessee, which flows into the Ohio R. and then the Mississippi). This makes tugboat/barge a common means of transporting materials such as coal, iron, gravel, sand, etc. In fact, the Mobile River delta is the 3rd largest in the world, after the Mississippi and Nile River deltas.

Here’s a little mishap on the Tombigbee…

Despite the domain name, this accident was caused by a slight miscalculation during incredibly difficult conditions. One think my dad said that the tugboat Capt. didn’t is that what the Capt. and crew of this vessel did was heroic. Pushing that kind of cargo, you can’t do anything fast, anything you want the cargo to do, you have to do minutes in advance. It would’ve been real easy for the capt. to decide he can’t make it, and release the cargo before reaching the bridge. Doing that would almost certainly mean destroying the bridge, and endangering anyone standing on the bridge (like whoever took the pictures). Didn’t know till I saw this page with an explanation that the capt. sent his crew to the barges, and rode it out alone. :slight_smile:


The forklift… we had that happen with an unloaded fork one time where I used to work. (and no it wasn’t me)
It fell right off the loading dock and stuck the forks into the pavement.

And then… I almost got flattened between two forks! It was like 2am
and we were all really tired. I had just walked out of a trailer we were loading and passed behind a stalled forklift. when I stopped I turned around just in time to see another fork collide back to back with the stalled one at full speed! Now those things weigh thousands of pounds
because much of the back end is a solid metal couterweight. Add to that a driver who easily weighed 400 lbs. (Great guy to know though)

That boat… brilliant!

Jimmy should get a medal!

Oh, and to illustrate what can go wrong, anyone remember the Sunset Ltd. crash? A barge hit a railroad bridge late at night, when the Amtrak line “Sunset Ltd.” crossed, it derailed, killing 43. This happened in 1993, so I couldn’t find any decent internet articles on it. Happened just outside Mobile, AL.

Gees… my home area is a bad place for wrecks. We also had the biggest car pileup in history… around 150 cars. I’ll see if I can find it…


Well… that crash happened in '95, so no decent internet news coverage there either. But it was on I-10, on the 7-mile Bay Bridge which crosses Mobile Bay. Bad fog one day and boom… boom… and over 100 other booms. 1 dead, 876 injured.


What can I say but Brillient! LOL