Kinda need help here

Didn’t know where to put this, so i’ll put this here.
I’m going to make weapons (firearms) soon, so i thought i’d start with a simple sword.
It all went well…UNTIL
I gave it a subsurf
And now i have 2 errors.
here’s the image
The first error is really obvious…it’s in the blade itself
But the second error is in the handle
I just created a cube, and extruded it
with the handle i created a cilinder and extruded.
Anyone know what i can do about it? :slight_smile:
And also i forgot how to grab the ‘roundings’ when u made it subsurf.

(I saw “zwaardjewf”, so figured ur dutch… but let’s keep it in english so everyone understands).

For the blade…I think(unusual… besides, only blending for … 6 days now so my advice probably stinks but here goes…) maybe in sideview scale it down on the y-axis… I think(yet again, I might not be right:P) that would flatten the blade so you’ll actually have a blade… just a thought

My money says that you have 2 horizontal planes going across the inside of your blade. this is why it messes up in subsurf. To fix it, select the verticies in the rows where the error occures and hit delete and choose delete faces… I’ll bet that fixes it.

did somebody forget to turn the lights on? I can barely make out what’s in the image. Please don’t tell me I need a new monitor…

Now the image is gone…