Kinda Off Topic...

Hey guys,

Ok, so for the longest time, i have wanted to make this video game that i have all thought up in my head with a story line and everything. Yes, I know, The dream of millions… But you see, I was wondering if anyone knew where i could go to learn more about making 3D characters and landscapes and other type of gaming stuff, now, before you give me any links/helpful hints/anything, which i will appreciate a lot, just know, I am a total and complete almost newb at Blender, and I am not just looking for stuff that has to do with Blender, if anyone knows of any other programs that will help me along with making a game, please tell me so i can start learning. Ok, now, back to me being a NEWB, I have had Blender for about a year, and I play with it off and on, and I have picked up on some things, Im not very good at it tho, so i want to just start over and just learn everything over, kinda. So what I want is a way to learn it really throughly/quickly… if that makes sence… Ok, well, thanks you guys very much. I appreciate it a lot.


what I want is a way to learn it really throughly/quickly

In general, this is not possible. You have to invest hours in learning a new program. There is no shortcut. Game dev will probabily be a good starting point to look at what your getting into, which is alot.

reality of it is, you wont be able to make something largly decent at any fast pace anytime soon.

If your intending to program it yourself etc… I would start off with a basic 2D game to get with the basic, and then develop more into 3d using other people stock models… While of course you continue learning blender.

A 2D game like space invaders should do at first- which is infact what i’m going to be doing in assembly soon as it is rather easy ^^.

Cool … I am about to do the same thing.
My game will be a Diablo like RPG.
I also have less than a year’s experience but think that if you don’t try and go to big you would be able to meet your goal.

I am going to use Game maker for for the game engine.
It is a nice start for 2d games and after 4 tutorials you can already start making simple games, more advanced games will need a bit more programming but when following the tutorials you quickly learn their language ( simular to c++) and all object collision,path finding etc. are build into the engine.

And for the sprites I am going to use blender. What’s nice about starting with games is that you don’t need a lot of detail because your images is realy small so a lot of the flaws is hidden, and because of all the images required your blender moddeling experience will climb very quickly.
For the animations of the sprites the “Summer of documentation : intruduction to character animation” tutorial should be enough.