Kinda weird thing that happened with my copy of Blender 2.79

(Piotr Bielarz) #1

Hello ther Blender Community. This is my first post here, so I am sorry if it is wrong subforum for topic like that.
Forgive me please also my bad english. This is not my first language and I am still learning it.

Ok, now let me share my latest experience with Blender 2.79.
Up until my recent win 10 reinstallation blender was working flawlessly. Not even single hang up or anything.
But after booting my fresh system I tried to run Blender weird things started to happen. Version 2.8 was working fine, no problems at all. 2.79 though was constantly crashing, everytime I started it. Just a second later. I really had no clue why.
I tried every single solution there was on blender dev forum, and nothing fixed this.
Then just after installation of Unreal Engine everything started to work fine. Blender 2.79 too. No crashes anymore.
Maybe there are some shared packages that need to be installed in system for it to work?
I have no idea why 2.8 worked without them. Are ther some dependancies for 2.79 that are not needed for 2.8?
I am kind of confused here.
Does anyone have some idea what it could be?
Thank you for your attention, and once again sorry for my english, or posting this in the wrong place. :slight_smile:

(yogyog) #2

I’m guessing it might be to do with the drivers for your graphics cards. I’ve unbroken Blender by updating my graphics card drivers before. It could be that Unreal updated them for you. Just a guess.