Kindly check these things before the release of 2.8 (blend ffile inside)

This is rendered with 249b

Same file opened with 279 and result you can compare

I have attached both source files, but they are not showing? and please adjust python coding also which you may see in my previous posts.

It’s probably due to Blender’s color management feature (linear color space was introduced at some point in 2.5 development).

The result is you get far better renders with less burnout (or even no burnout if you use the new Filmic transform), but it will require you to tweak your shaders.

The rest of the changes could result from changes in BI in general since 2.49 (though any issues with the engine will not be fixed because it’s being replaced by a new engine known as Eevee in 2.8).

Thanks, till then I will prefer 249b. thanks.

I’m not going to make you move to 2.79, but I just want to say that you are missing out on a ton of stuff considering how much Blender has advanced (2.49b feels like a toy in a comparison).

There were other people who eventually made the leap from 2.49b and they were ultimately glad they did, try it.

I know the power of new versions and I am using it also, you can see some in my signature.
mostly in 11 seconds club animations.

set your Color Management to SRGB in the Scene Properties, that should fix it. if not, consider uploading a demo file so we can see if theres a setting you missed.

honestly, you should append objects into a new file when jumping across versions.

Demo files are already there, but i don’t know why they not showing you can download 249 file from
this link and render and open same file with 279 and see result

i am not able to donwload, ??
if you want mail me to [email protected] and subject=Blender 249

both format 249b and 279 are attached.I hope some thing good will come out.
This file is also available at blendswap


file_249b.blend (274 KB)file_279.blend (537 KB)