Kinect 3D Viewer


i want to create something like this with kinect:

a very simple 3d model viewer
(a camera should rotated around a model)

i need to detect movement and use this for game engine
can someone help me?

is here a way with blender/python?

I know it’s possible for characters

1. Patch the BGE directly to support the Kinect through an API such as libfreenect.
This would involve C/C++. You’d probably also include Python bindings to access it through the bge module.

2. Write a Python wrapper for libfreenect and access it through Python scripting in the BGE.
Actually there already exists a Python wrapper, however it hasn’t been updated for Python 3. It shouldn’t be too difficult. I think awhile back I ported it over to Python 3 when I was hacking the Kinect, it might be somewhere on GitHub…

3. Have a separate process (program) that sends data to the BGE using sockets or some form of IPC.
Here you can write the program in Python or whatever language of your choice, and send updates to the BGE using some form of IPC. Sockets tends to be the easiest and cross-platform. This method has the highest latency, whether or not it is noticeable or significant depends. The nice thing is you can offload any calculations or processing work from the BGE, rather than send the data to be processed by the BGE, depending on your requirements.

Currently, I use #3 for my project since time constraints won’t allow me #1. I attempted #2 but I was running into difficulties creating Python bindings for a C++ library.