Kinect based motion capture

looking for suggestions on what is the best/most affordable motion capture software that works with a kinect.

Brekel or Ipi Soft Express

Brekel face Pro2 takes care of the facial stuff and IpiSoft takes care of the body better than Brekel Body :slight_smile:

I’ve just seen this pop up on my Youtube suggestions and after watching it ran out and bought a Kinect to have a play and see how this setup could work. He uses NI Mate

I haven’t seen any Brekel face Pro 2 tests to convince me that this software is capable of producing something that is usable in a production. It would probably be fine for background characters but closeup there is lots of popping. At least from the tests that I’ve seen. Maybe there are other animations that I haven’t seen yet. I’ve been looking at tracking the face with blender as a base animation and then doing smoothing with an additional rig.