Kinect Star Wars

Does this game look fun or what?

I think it looks awesome, I can’t wait to fight Darth Vader with my own hands!! :evilgrin:

hmm…well, the graphics look a lot better than Force Unleashed, that’s for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

at least you get to play as a Jedi in that one…at least, seems like it. in FU you play as a Sith. :frowning: I’ve played it, and although there’s a lot of funny stuff (mostly weird glitches and crappy-ish graphics), I don’t like having my main character a bad guy…I’d rather fight Trade Federation Battle Droids with a Jedi, like in Lego Star Wars :slight_smile:

Well, he’s using kinect, it reads your body movements, no controller at all! Wave your hand, character waves his hand, swing your arm, light sabr gets swung with it, a really awesome piece of software thats going to be the future of gaming. :yes:
Look it up. Xbox 360 Kinect.

hmm…seems like Microsoft and Sony are making their own versions of the Wiimote…weird that it’s taken them so long, the Wii came out in 2006…but it seems like both are taking the Wii Motion Plus concept and making it even more precise - though I haven’t tried the Wii Motion Plus much so I can’t really say, the only time I did was at a Future Shop, and I’m not sure it was 100% accurate, what with all the cellphones and things around…

I’ve never played on an Xbox or Playstation, btw :stuck_out_tongue: well, I tried Star Wars Battlefront 1 (Darth Vader’s run cycle was very funny), but other than that…

the guy playing it is definitely not a jedi: sluggish like a koopa to be precise. That’s 1x0 for buttons over motion-tracking: you don’t need muscles as strong as those of Kratos to smash hordes after hordes swinging two swords really fast and furiously.

I also find it ironic that the no-controller, hands-free controller should shine more brightly with a game in which your character yields a lightsaber all the time. That’s 1x0 for wiimote and move and tactile feel over kinectic and air.

Summing up: I don’t enjoy the idea of kinectic for games at all. I do like the idea of it being used for computer interfaces like that of Minority Report or perhaps eventually getting Blender’s interface up to this:

Another big MS fail?

Well I think it looks awesome, it would be a lot of fun I think, not for all games, but it would be fun to pick up a lightsaber and kick Vaders @$$!!!

I will still want to play controller games, but this will be good fun, learn karate or something from a program, awesome! That would be a game I would buy. “Karate Student!” TM

But it will open up door ways to other great things.

what a surprise, I thought you were just a mindless Linux basher, but you are fair with Microsoft too… :smiley:

I knew I recognized that last part from somewhere… it was a staged demo just like that of Kinectimals where instead of you seeing the actual tech, you just see actors acting like they are interacting with pre-rendered stuff – sometimes to comic effect:

Well, surely Microsoft was shielding it from real-time bloppers like what happened to Miyamoto and Zelda and Steve Jobs and iPhone 4… :evilgrin:

demos… that’s what is known of Kinectic so far, but at least this year it wasn’t so much fantasy as with Natal’s initial hype with the Milo demo…

But, maybe they had it staged for the big demos, but there were tons of people who got to test it at E3, that was probably to make a good demo without risk of error. Cheap I know, but still, lots of people have tested it out.

If the demos were all staged and not really demonstrations of the real technology I wonder if people will really believe it’s any good.

They just want you to see the demos and see it as a must buy and get it before you read of how limited it is in some areas and find out that it would be impossible to do it how it was done in E3.

If the technology was as good as it was hyped to be then I would think it would’ve made no sense to hide it with staged actions.

Definitely pre-rendered. If the gameplay is as good as that video displayed then I will be impressed, but I dont expect it to be that good.

Like it said in the description, its a game they are just starting work on now, so really that video is just a concept of what they would like the game to be. I doubt it would be that amazing.

I cant even imagine trying to navigate a level at the moment using Kinect, it will be interesting seeing what decent games come out for kinect, if any. I feel as if it will ultimatly fail miserably. Its already started out badly by posting videos of these games way too early in their development, they probubly wont live up to expectations…

edit As far as I know, kinect detects the outline of a person right? Does it sense depth as well? How would it detect what your arm/hand is doing if it is entirely behind your body?

Its possible it won’t be good, but I have big hopes for it. :yes:

As for that last part, I’m not really sure, it must detect depth, like a camera in another thread in here. But how it will keep track of all of it is behond me. :no:

BTW, this game in particular also seems to be on-rails. yeah, after all, it’s a hands-free controller and you don’t want to contradict your marketing be putting a directional analog in the hands of your customer so that he can push the character wherever he sees fit, do you?

nice seeing all Wii criticisms being all copied to perfection.

If they didnt have Windows 7 I wouldnt really think much of them.