This is an animation I have about a protein motor, called Kinesin. Its duty is to move material within the cell. Its really amazing. And I wanted to simulate a real video taken “in a lab” so the big work in blender has been done in the node editor.

Anyway, hope you like it.

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Wow, you nailed the microscope look! Good job.

Yeah, looks great.

very creative! poor kinesin, has to carry that oversized load…

away from the nice idea to give feet to the kinesin, the graphics look great, very realisitc “microscope effect” and depth of field…

Happy rendering, Thy.

Thanks for all the comments!!!

and by the way… it was not my idea, it is based on a biological model. Actually this is what happens inside our cells!!!

wow, thats crazy. i had never thought kinesin might have legs and feet :o, or something that looks like legs and feet…

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oh, thanks!! but I think thats not in my power, isnt it?

No, just saying.

Congratulations!. The look is really nice,
However, as a biologist, I need to point out that the cellular environment is nothing like the empty space; and that microtubules (the ‘pipes’ along which Kinesin is seen moving), are very highly structured objects, and their dimension (relative to the kinesin ‘feet’) is quite smaller than you portray.

We really appreciate the effort to show biology, but we must takes some care in balancing the science with the art.
People might like to see also our movie PROTEIN EXPRESSIONS (on vimeo) or another movie made by scientists in Boston Inner Life.


I really appreciate your comment!! and of course there is a very long list of non realistic details in the animation.

  • The microtubule is not well depicted (both in structure and in size with respect to the kinesin)
  • The enviroment is not realistic. Cytoplasm is way too much dense.
  • The motion is not drive by the dynamic of ATP income.
  • And finally, the video shows itself as being taken with an optical microscope, which due to the size of the protein is impossible.

But as I said in the title, it is just a dramatization!!! As a physicist (with a master on Biology) I’m amazed with everything that concerns with cell biology. And on the other hand, I just wanted to do an exercise with Blender node editor.

As a physicist (and biologist) you may like to know that Blender has a forum for Academic and Research (, for people that want to use this amazing tool for this type of activities.
Things are moving also in this filed :slight_smile:

Didnt know!!! thanks a lot!!!