King Grocery Market - Game Environment

Very inspired by the detail in the convenience store scene in Heavy Rain, I’m building a somewhat similar environment, both inside and out, using lots of baked textures. The exterior walls of the building use a blend masking technique that blends together 4 very low poly textures.

The exterior right now:

The interior WIP:

The shelves I’ve completed:

very very nice!!! especially the exterior. One thing is you can really easily noticed tiling of the chip bag :wink: Very impressive as usual. rated 5*

It all looks great except the chip bags. They don’t look right yet. Other than that it looks fantastic, very bleak. Nice work!

Ah, good point about the chips. Moved around some vertices and uvs to try and hide that duplicated feeling.

Wow dude, I’m impressed. That’s eye candy :eek: :smiley:

The glass needs some reflections to :slight_smile:

Lol. That’s cool!.. How many verts are in that entire scene?

Thanks guys.

27,500 verts, 33,000 faces, as of now.

Holy cow! Those graphics are amazing! Though it does come at an expensive polygon price… Great stuff.

wow that’s really cool! I like everything, but you should add tiles to the floor :slight_smile: The chip bags look really weird for some reason… I’ll edit the post if I think of it

other then that, nice job! I really like your graphics work in the game engine, it inspires me :slight_smile:

you did what? It’s really good looking but you modeled every object in the store unless you are going to use this as a main scene in the game I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. For looking good, it’s great, but i’m not sure about good fps. what’s the poly count of the whole scene?

It’s not the polys that are the problem. It’s the high res textures. When I limit to 1024x (or turn off mipmaps) I get 60fps.

Anyway, progress!

The walls are still looking dead blank though. I’ll work on that.

Finished this up and posted a finished project thread:

Chips are almost there, but if you could move them a bit closer. When I go to the market, I usually find them packed as tightly as they can be. Looks fantastic, obviously inspired by a certain PS3 game that rhymes with ‘levy sane’.

For me, the goods are too colorful, you should a little desaturate them. Sory for english :smiley: