King in town

This a realy old project of mine. I finished it about 3 years ago, and it’s already been a while on my website, but I never published it in any forum or such. I also got one version with sound but I can’t find it at the moment.

All work, modeling, texturing, animation and compositing with live video was done in Blender.

Well, though I know it lacks a real story, and the T-Rex’s motion could also need improvement, it’s the one of my projects I like most. But since I won’t change anything in the near future (as I did over the last years ;)) I would call it finished .

What’s you opinion about it?

Great work! i thin’k the movement is realistic troughout the whole animation except somewhere in the middle when he shakes like he’s being shot by guns.

the animation is great and also the model.:slight_smile: The shadow isn’t perfect, and the lightning doesn’t really get the model in the scene perfecty(but jus well).
Did the tram kill him or did he kill the tram? the story isn’t finished :slight_smile:

Well the model itself somehow is my “baby”. It was the first bigger project I made, starting with Blender nearly 8 years ago. Obviously it went through many changes since then; the first animation (not to mention the model) with my Rex is something I wouldn’t want to watch again nowadays :wink:

But once I have some spartime I will for shure keep working on the model itself. And using some of the “new features” Blender got in the last three years, I think it wouldn’t look that bad.

Oh yes, the ending of the story: To tell the truth, at that time I simply didn’t know how to make a smooth ending. So the story ended here, maybe he’s still standing there waiting for the tram to fight :wink:

Looks great man… I might do one more pass to fake a little radiosity bouncing off of the pavement… The shadows on it’s underside are a little too dark. I really like it though… Great job!

From the thumbnail it looks good but I won’t be able to watch it for a while so I’ll comment on it next week.

is that thing one object ?

looks wicked, just wondering if the FOV of the live action camera and the FOV of the dinocam are the same? something just looks a little off, this is being real picky :slight_smile: as overall it’s a lot better than CG is some movies I’ve payed to see, lack of sound is the big killer here, and interaction with vehicles, a quick side step to avoid the tram at the end with a omg that was close expression on dino’s face :slight_smile:

@ helot_demon:
is that thing one object ?
Yes, it’s a Mesh parented to an Armature

@ Zenitor:
Thanks for the laud.
Yes, your right about the sound. Pity is, I did a version with all ambient sound plus dinosaur screaming, but I just can’t find it right now. I’ll have a look if I can redo it.

Maybe I should wait until then to download the movie. Is there a wip thread where we can see more renders? In my opinion this looks almost as good as Env’s Allosaurus.

I watched the animation and it was great! Did you film that or was it a video you found on the Internet? When’s the sequel coming out? :wink: BTW, only his tail would get hit by the tram.