King Kong - The British Remake


I just finished my latest short film. This wont win any technical achievement awards but I hope it makes you laugh.

Warning: There’s two words some people might consider mild curse words. Nothing worse than South Park :wink:

Thanks for watching!

hahaha i loved it, great twist in the classic and made me chuckle a few times, only thing that let it down was the rendering but the story more than made up for it :L

Good laughs, ShoePie. :slight_smile:

King Kong? The way he roared sounded like Prince Chimpanzee. But for a parody, it was funny.

Thanks a lot chaps! :slight_smile:

This was a bit of a quick turnaround so there were a few issues due to time. I didn’t think the roar was too bad though actually. Was surprised with how few generic ‘roars’ there were on sounddogs, freesound etc.

Sound is an area I’m not particularly fond of working with. I had to ADR all the dialog because of room echo. But I did get lucky that soundtrack matched up with the action so well :slight_smile:

Great work. The underdone rendering etc adds to it. These things are a lot more difficult to pull together than they look.

Anything is better than Jacksons remake… ;D

Owch… I’m a big fan of Jackson’s work. He was brought up in the same district as me.

I’m a fan to. I even like ‘The Frighteners’. But not of that. Nobody’s a fan of that. I can’t believe that. ;D

And, on topic, I did like this thing. It was funny. :smiley:

Great job. Very amusing;

The humor somehow just works well with your compositing.
A bit cheeky, I like it!
Good old wilhelm scream.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

I like Jackson’s version although the big coordinated attack by all the insect species always bugged me (sorry couldn’t resist!). And Frighteners is great.

The rendering was probably the best I could do in the time, but I learned an incredible amount from working on this so the next one should look much better!

I’m probably going to be topical and attempt Total Recall :slight_smile:

Don’t take it the wrong way about my comment on the roar. That was suppose to be a joke.

No worries XeroShadow. This has always been a friendly community so I didn’t even consider it being anything other than a helpful comment. Grateful for all feedback and thanks for checking it out.

Great job, loved the acting. Just wished the ADR was done outside as it was still a little roomy. But great work.

Ha ha ha! That’s great, good work!

Cheers guys :slight_smile:

Sound has always been a problem on my sketches, I have a zoom h1 mic now but I’m not convinced it will help.

Some great looking stuff on your site Chris, I will take a proper look once I’m home from work.

Nice work! Thought it was funny, corny, and cheesy. So probably exactly what you intended. :slight_smile:

Sound is so difficult to do right, I recently got a new microphone that has helped immensely:
Really helps take the guesswork out of good sound.

Hey thanks shoepie, much appreciated!

Very good. Reminded me of Monty Python sketches.