King of the hill

This took me about a week to do. very simple and very fun at the same time :slight_smile:

Blend file:

The point of the game is to knock the other player(useing the MG, HG, minions, grenades, or just plain ramming them off the edge) into the lava.


Machinegun: just what it sounds like

Hand gun: you start out with this weapon.

Minions: little annoying green things that track the other player and knock them from side to side.

Grenade: basically a sphere that gets bigger(can knock opponents off) within a little over a second.


Move: Blue: WASD Red: ARROWS


blue: SPACE BAR red: num0

Handgun: blue: V red: num3

Machinegun: blue: x red: num1

Minions: blue: C red: num2

Grenades: blue: F red: num5

Amo pick ups:
purple, machinegun(50 shots).
green, minions(20 shots).
black, grenades(5 shots).
The hand gun only has 5 shots(no reloads) use them wisely!

Music(yes you can have awesome music playing while you duel): there are three choices of music which you can turn on by hitting 1,2, and 3. I’m reasonably sure i packed it in to the blend file :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell me what you think! And have fun, just like my bro and i did! :slight_smile:

I love it, downloading now. . .

. . .That is pretty cool. The comlex map is sweet. You should upgrade it! Adding gun models and skyboxes and such. You could make a very cool game out of this.

thank you for the encouragement! :slight_smile: I could definitely add guns to it! but when it comes to the sky box i think it wouldn’t play very well anymore. i think I’d need to turn on GLSL shading which would REALLY slow it down, but ill try! :slight_smile:

You don’t need GLSL shading for sky-boxes. Here’s some levels for my game done in multi-texture. (half are made by me, others by BigJ).

If you need help in how to do this, PM me (as I am not great at following threads).

I did some graphics updates, as well as adding slow-parent to the camera. If you want me to remove it, then tell me.

Dude, that looks sick! Thanks!! It definitely looks a lot cooler now! :wink: how long did it take you??

oh, and could you do a tut on shadow baking?? if not could you post a link to one?

It took somewhere between half an hour and an hour.

Would you prefer video tutorial or written?

I really like this game, and am considering some more significant changes to it. Would you object to this?

this is cool :3

nope! go right ahead, i would like credit for at least the part i have made, though. also, please keep me updated! I’d love to see what you add.

thanks dude :slight_smile:

This is cool :smiley: Great Job! I agree with cam.dudes :slight_smile: I’d like to see some upgrades in it.

video plese :slight_smile:

Yes make I video about it…My pc slows down too when I use glsl…:smiley:

Right, one tutorial coming up.

Vid is finished and awaiting upload tomorrow. I’ll post a link here when it’s ready

Here you go:

thanks sdfgeoff this helped me a lot

VERY useful!

Thank you for your time sir!