King of the Hill

I started working on a personal project of mine last week; King of the hill. It was a very old concept which i first draw back in 2004 then remade it last year in mypaint.I never got around to finishing the painting but with the recent awesome improvements in blender i wanted to test it out.Well se how it turns out…

Part 1 : Dynatopo sculpt >>>
Part 2 : Finishing Dynatopo , Start of re-topo >>>
Part 3 : Finishing of re-topo ,projection to multi-res sculpt >>> Coming Soon

cool painting and model. mypaint is open source I seem to recall so I think I will check it out. Another paint program that has a nice brushy look is deep paint. I am pretty sure you have to pay for the 3D version still, but the 2D version is, or at least was free. So are you thinking of painting the sky? could look cool with the mist setting on.

The design of this character/creature is just… eerie. I love it! The elongated hoofed legs and the white mane are my favorite bites. Those along with the added touch of the off-kilter throne makes this quite interesting.

I would like to see the red from the blood pop a bit more in the final piece, but the sculpting work you’ve done so far is wonderful. I look forward to seeing more updates!

Modron : Thanks, my paint is open source; i been using photoshop since 5.0 and been using painter since 9 but since i found mypaint i stopped using the other two.Its so lightweight and powerful at the same time. I think i wont be finishing the painting, i already made 2 versions of it back in 2004… and i think im done with it.

grrsa : Thank you ; im glad you liked it.Although there are odd things like mane sticking out a skull without any skin or long legs for short torso, these things create a disturbing contrast i think.Maybe thats what makes it eerie.Of course gap in the neck dripping blood adds to the scene… :slight_smile: about the throne yeah during painting by accident I pressed shift and rotated without realizing.By the time i saw the mistake it was too late so i left it like that; it does give a feeling of loss of balance but the characters center of mass is all wrong its weight should be off to the right of the throne.

I have a busy schedule at work and only have 1 day in the weekend to work on it.But its doable. as far as remember these 2 videos took about 4-5 hours of work.thanks for the input people…

hah, I was expecting to see this
that’s a really cool concept you’ve got though, the sculpt looks great from what I can see
could you post some screenshots? it’s kinda hard to see the whole thing at once in those youtube vids

Really nice work yii7. Both the painting and the sculpting.

Are you going for the painterly style when you render to match the reference or are you going for a realistic style?

jeepster: I dont know what that is but it looks some character out of Beavis & Butthead :).Thanks you for the comment; yeah i will post some screens , im at work at the moment ill get to it when i go home.Hopefully i will be working on it tomorrow so some new stuff will be coming too.I realize the video timelapse is too fast so maybe ill post some screens before i post part 3 of the video.

kettlefish: Thanks kettlefish. I was thinking of going a little bit of both.I like using pastel colors but wouldn’t mind some realistic details.So in the end I think it wont look so much like the concept art. :slight_smile: