King of the Sky

Hi! I just made an eagle with Blender, because I find them awesome! :slight_smile:
How do you like her?



Wings are good, beak looks a bit awkward for some reason.

Unless this is a different type? Still, good job and I wish to hear back.

great work,its just beak and claws that fell a little odd

Subtle changes with the beak and claws.

Hmm. The head looks like a stuffed animal. Two much feathers or the feathers itself seem a bit wrong.
Anyway, great effort and keep it up!

If thatโ€™s supposed to be a bald eagle, beak is still too fat. Also curve it a slight bit more?

Added an image background and applied subtle changes on the feather, making it look less fuzzy.

Just a tip to make the feathers look more realistic. Add a transparent node to the hair particles.

:yes: Great angle and form. I like the background you chose.

I did that, transparent node is linked to it. :yes: