Kingdom Heart Heartless

Hey Guys,

I just finished my latest video. It’s based on a minor bad guy from kingdom hearts.

Let me know what you think.

Ted Malaska

Very good! I do like the whole lighting of the scene, the animation was very good for some first time ik rigging.

Yeah this was my first try at ik rigging. I still have some stuff to figure out. Like sometimes it would bend in a direction I didn’t want. Do you have any pointers?

I really like the animation,gratz!About the bending,if you are talking about elbows and knees,you should use pole targets.There is a great tutorial about them somewhere.If I find it,I will post it here.

Thanks, I’ll check it out tonight.

Also I glad you liked to video.

By the way, do you do animation for a living. I’m training in hopes that I can maybe do this part time or something.

What is the normal path people take?

Yeah, I can’t wait for KH3 either! Guess the handheld ones would have to hold me over until they release it. Why did you pick the soldier heartless instead of the shadow heartless? That Animation was really good considering it was your first time. I still don’t get how to use IK solver? :frowning:

Well,I am only 15 right now,but most people working in the game/film industry have some kind of degree,so I think you should look for a university that teaches 3D stuff.(but you should ask some professionals)

Hmm, I don’t know if I can get the wife to sign off on that. For now I’ll just keep practicing and hopefully I’ll get better.

Yeah I love the KH games. I’ve seen the key war video. Wow. That is grade A stuff.