Kingdom Hearts Chess (WIP)

Yeah so I was sitting around and had this really original idea a while back. Lets make chess with kingdom hearts. At the time it was totally my idea (although i now know they have kingdom hearts chess sets) Lets ignore those. This is MINE project =)

Project notes:
This project is to create a fully functional chess board with kingdom hearts characters.
Some of my goals are

1. Med-high res characters.
2. Fully rigged (for a possible animation)
3. At least 2 “Teams” of characters: Heartless and Sora team.

1. High res with a possible theme.
2. Marble squares should be used but this may be adjusted.

Team Sora X Kairi:
King: Sora
Queen: Kairi
Bishop: Riku
knight: Goofy
Rook: Donald
pawns: ???

Team Heartless:
King: Ansem
Queen: ???
Bishop: Wyvrn
Knight: ???
Rook: Heavy
Pawns: Shadows

Team Nobody: (Expansion)
King: Axel (Maybe Xemnas but I like Axel better)
Queen: Larxene
Bishop1: Marluxia
Bishop2: ???
Knight: ???
Rook: ???
Pawns: Dusk (Maybe Samurai)

1. I have no plans for what will be outside of the board. We will cross that bridge when it comes.

As it says I will start out (after a while) with a board and Characters for team Sora and Team Heartless. The other team is just an extra set if you will. That will come later. Any questions and crits are more than welcome. I Have never successfully created something overly organic so this will be a challenge for me… but we will see how it goes.

As i said i am not very proficient with organic modeling so give me some slack. This is also EXTREMELY early and is just a rough “sketch” of a Shadow from the Heartless team. As you can see with the hand I’m slowly working it out.
Leave some love.


nice idea hehe

you can use Malificent for the queen of the heartless team :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow… Malificent… shoot me? I don’t know how i did not think of that haha. Thanks for the comment.

this project seems a little confusing
but it depends how you go about it i guess
since you should have bishops/knights/rooks +8pawns that are all the same
you’d have to use the same character twice?
or you could make a base that every character will have, that has a different emblem
to show what rank they are
that way you could have a bigger variety of characters
instead of 6 characters per team
of you could break it up into more specific teams

just an example here

Team Disney
King - Mickey
Queen - Minnie
Bishop - Donald (i see him more as a bishop) if not then Merlin
Knight - if Merlin’s above, i guess that leaves Donald here
Rook - Goofy (agian, i see him here cause of his whole shield thing)
Pawns - Jimminy?

Thanks for the very deep comment and i think i may do this for some of the teams. like team nobody i plan to have 2 different rooks and so on. Although I do think the pawns should be the same. And like team Sora I don’t know that many chars that ARE affiliated with Sora. i mean cloud SORTA is but not really. but as of right now team heartless and team Sora will only have one char per peice (knight, rook ,etc.)
And just so you guys know i have made a bit of progress on my Shadow (team heartless pawn) i will post a pic when its a bit more defined.

well you could group sora and them with the final fantasy chararcters
their not the same but their close enough i suppose
and again it doesnt have to be world/game specific
you’d wend up with 20 expansions if you did this
good luck with the project

Yes i know it does not have to be world specific (although that could be an interesting idea) as far as having a billion expansions i don’t HAVE to incorporate every char that shows up in kingdom hearts. I just plan to do these few. like i said the no bodys will have multiple chars per peice type and maybe soras team will have disney chars as the pawns idk. im just working on the shadow for now XD

So life is life… and as such there are things that slow me down due to there importance =/ but i am still working on this. Um Team heartless has been changed to
Team Heartless:
King: Ansem
Queen: Malificent
Bishop: Wyvrn
Knight: ???
Rook: Heavy
Pawns: Shadows

as far as the lil shadow is going he is looking better… I’m still really new to organic so I’m sorry for the slow progress… i will also post a wire frame for you guys =) C&C are appreciated.
Lil bit of foot work (cant get them looking right. and some hard work and a bit of head rounding.


looking alright sofar. A little weird topology at the back of the legs / feet. also looks like he’s about to fall backwards… imo.

other than that great concept! I’ll be watching your progress :wink:

Thanks jesse. The back of the feet/legs was supposed to look like a semi fawn structure. But I see now that your right it does look like he might fall. Thanks for the comments =)

heres another idea
this way you can have all different characters for dual pieces
give them bishops/rock/knight hats
it may look silly
but its an idea

Wow that is another good idea =) and it may sound" silly" but I am sure There is way to make it work. We will see when we get there =) any comments on the shadow?

i think its a good start
his arms are to big
his feet need more shaping
and his head looks squashed in the y-axis

=) I’m happy to present another render. It’s not grand but its okay. i more or less covered Cire’s total last comment (some before the comment) The hands are SLIGHTLY smaller and the arms are a good bit smaller while also adding a hint of an elbow. The feet and head were re modeled from the ground up (or neck/ancle =)) I am still working on the back of the legs but im not happy with them yet. same with the arms. Thanks for the support and comments=) As far as updates i may get another one out with new antina but im also going to be working on a wip section of my site so we will see.


I meant to have posted an update by now… I thought i did but idk… Um thanks a ton for all the support. =) I changed the head totally (remodeled it) as well as the feet. I like the new antenna more and I also changed the arm sizes. Maybe the legs a bit… and the feet are not perfect but it is an improvement. It still needs so much work… but as far as an update to the thread goes I am proud of it =) Leave love and presents!


The modeling is done as far as i know. I will have to move thigns around to make rigging work out better but this is what you get=) leave some love!


I don’t think its ready just yet.
Well if you want it to be a replica anyways.
He still looks like he has a balance problem.
Could you show a side shot?
Also the heartless had a bit of a belly.
Just googled it to, they only have 3 fingers.
But you could leave it as is.
All up to you.

Thanks alot for your input. I did wasnt this to a semi-replica. i wanted it to be like a heartless (shadow) but i wanted it to be slightly more realistic. (hints the shoulder blades)
I did not notice the 3 fingers but i think i will keep the hands the way they are (more or less) i will post a side shot for you. i did try to give him a belly but i did not want it to be tooo much belly due to possible rigging issues? as for balance he is not perfectly square but when i finish rigging him he will be in a more hunched over position. so idk if that will fix it or if your seeing something else that i missed. Thanks again =)


Well I don’t see what problems would arise from a bit of a belly.
His legs being perfectly straight will though.
There needs to be a slight bend.
He also still looks like he’s gonna tip, this time backwards
I know that in the games/series he’s greatly hunched over, leave that for once you pose him…
Thats what i think anyways.
And if you want a more realistic look you could add a hint of curve in the spine.

EDIT - You should post some wires, we can see from that what issues you might have with rigging.

I suppose more belly is not a bad idea. but with my current rigging knowledge the mesh tends to fold. (all i know is how to make bones, add them to the mesh and weight paint)
Im gonna post a few wires here. this IS the first organic model i have even been successful in so I’m sure he is a bit of a mess (but less of a mess than i expected) anyway. thanks for the advices.