Kingdom Hearts-Legend of Zelda Style'ish Characters

Ok, I have been working to create some 3d models for a game that I intend to finance the build of. It will be a style comprising Kingdom Hearts and Legend of Zelda.
I have this game budgeted for the far future, to work partially as my motivation, and to improve my skills as an artist.
I am an extremely proficient pen/pencil artist, but I hate my ideas to be constricted by a dimension. I do need help, and would really appreciate any help others would care to give.
Also, I am, by no means a decent texture artist, and will not bother to spend the over three hours it takes, to texture anything, let alone the complexities models of this style represent. I will only start with characters for the time being, due to my inexperience in levels.
One last thing, I only have access to the internet on weekends. Hopefully, that will change soon. On to the models!
I have made a template and a single character so far:
Note: This is not a texture! When I’m working in blender, it randomly changes to a full black bg, and a red wireframe(if I’m editing things) or to this if I’m looking at it as a solid/shaded/textured mode.

why there is no 4’th option… Ultima style :frowning:

Ultima style?

that is the only thing I found that has Ultima in the title. can you give me a link to what you mean?
Thank you everyone for voting. try that…
But … nevermind me really… I just automaticly hate everything that looks even relatively anything like animemangapuke… :S

I’ll agree that is an amazing looking game, but that style would not fit my needs.
I want to make a dark platformer with fighting like, but more in depth then Kingdom Hearts. And a progressive puzzle game like Legend of Zelda. It will also have elements of Samurai Warriors, but I have apprehension of the style.
By the way, do you know of where I can hire a group of programmers? I want to know how much to budget for.

Not really… but you could ask around the GE forum perhaps?

Thanks, I’ll check around later.
I’m curious though, do you see anything wrong with my model?
Here is a copy of the above image when the glitch is happening.