Kingdom Hearts: Sora Left His Keyblade!

This is my quick model of a “generic” Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts, rendered in Yaf(a)ray. This is my first ever complete Yaf(a)ray render.

I still feel as if the scene needs more. I’m still kinda working on it, but at the same time, I like the result as my first and best yaf(a)ray render, since learning it a couple of days ago.


pretty cool

Looks nice. Maybe add some brushed metal texture or something. Could you post the same scene rendered with Blender internal to compare?

I’m having problems with YafRay, since my Blender doesn’t detects it after installed… :frowning:

These are all the blender renders before I remade materials in Yaf(a)ray and redid lighting in Yaf(a)ray.


Lol, nice. check out my keyblade and sora.

Man Great Work! Loving the glow. I’m guessing that’s one of your favorite world’s on KH2!