Kingdom Hearts:The keyblade Academy(Fan Game) recuiting help

well, I’m a big Kingdom hearts fan, so I’ve decided to make a fan game featuring an all new cast, world, story, e.t.c. i’m a fairly decent 3d artists. I’m mainly looking for some one who can assist me in unwrapping my models with as little seams as possible. i"m also looking for an additional 3d artist.
the game isnt going to be for profit but serve as a learning exercise for me and others. since most of the assets in the game are going to be original works, the assets can be reused for an entirely different project.

Below is a character I’m currently working on for the game.

as you can see, the hair has a lot of seams and this is what I’m trying to avoid.
we also have a spot for an animator if anyone is interested.