King's Return

Entry for CGBoost Challenge: Moving Castle. Made with Blender 2.83, rendered with Cycles 512 samples + denoising, post-processing with GIMP, using procedural textures only, HDRI lighting from HDRIhaven.

Clay render :

Depicting a royal convoy with focal point on a Castle Ship, returning to the capital city after a long journey. First concept was castle on a large ship (sea vessel) but the design was too boring that I decided to scrap it altogether and went with a flying one, since I love and prefer to make airships anyway.

Was thinking of using low angle camera view at first so I can easily do simple skyscape for the background, but figured I’d better start overcoming my ‘fear’ of making ground elements for bg and tried the high angle view then. Opted to use sea/ocean background instead of soil/ground so it would not take too many time detailing it.


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Oh, wow! Thanks @bartv !

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Cool! I love seeing different variations of space/air craft. Especially the more flowing designs, like yours! :rocket:

Thank you! The escort ships are added during late phase of the modeling so as the scene is not too empty and also that a big ship usually doesn’t travel alone, lol, so it’s a bit of hasty designs compared to the large one.