kingtiger tank

hi, im reading this forum for quite some time now and i think ive never posted any of my stuff:O

this project actually started a long time ago before i even used blender but i used it to get used to polygonal modeling in blender and created a highpoly model of this tank.

last weekend i picked up where i left, this time with blender 2.5 which is awesome:D, and started to rework some of the parts and playing around with some materials, scene and render setups.

the model was originally planed to make it into a farcry mod and i still plan to bring this to live some day in a game:O

there is still a lot of work to do on this project but i thought i would share it with this awesome community, hope you like it so far.
comments and crits are very welcome:D

here some pics of the progress:

heres also a turntable render of the model:

Looks really nice as far as geometry. Excellent work on the treads. How did you go about making them? It doesnt have the typical distortion of array + curve modifiers.

It looks awesome. The level of detail is really good. The textures could use some rust/dirt and then I think it’d be ready for battle :yes:


thanks for the replies:D

i used a curve and duplicate frames to create the treads, if you need some more explanation let me know;D

@Consideringthepickle: there will be rust and dirt and other details:D i only applied the colorsheme so far.
im still in the process of reworking some detail parts and when thats done i will concentrate on the texturing.
not sure how to texture such a high poly model, unwrapping seems a bit complicated… maybe texture painting will come in handy…