kinshasa workshop

I m just back from kinshasa wher i ve done a little workshop on blender( between 2 electrical cut. and i m actually working o developing that by mail or internet. What are your best distant learning experience? DVD, text, internet meeting…

DVD & video tutorials in general, but that could be just me… :slight_smile:

Blender workshop in Kinshasa? Great!!
Most of my tuts are quite old ( five years?) and sometimes I’ve
some feedback on how they was/are still useful…
So, basic layout text/images HTML ones, are a valuable choice I guess?!

I know I got a lot out of OTO’s old tutorials. They’re great. I suppose I’ve learned the most from html/text/image tutorials, or PDF tutorials (same brew, different bottle.)

Some video tutorials are really great, but many basic video tutorials spend 50 mb on something that could be taught with a page of text and half a dozen well chosen images. Video tutorials are best at teaching workflow, but when I have to actually study something, I like to have a page to read, instead of a video I have to keep playing over and over to get all the details. But that’s just me. I’m a visual learner.

Besides, I’ve never had an issue with sound quality or server time-outs or missing codecs when using text based tutorials.

I think you got right. i will try to find a light solution and html seems good. I willkeep video for specific workflows.

very good points, i mostly enjoy video tutorials if they are proper well planned out series, rather than just some random video that just explains a few features and how some buttons should be pushed… :slight_smile:

neither have i… :wink:

First Blender invades Japan, then China, and now tropical Africa

Spread Blender in Africa, goody.

hmm… sounds like that mr.blender is quite the tyrant eh? :rolleyes: j/k