Kirby and Waddle Dees Adventures

Here’s a few renders that I did of Kirby and 2 Waddle Dees walking around Dream Land

Edit: I would like some feedback on this please?
I don’t get many people posting feedback on many of my threads in general and this acctually took a while to do.

The final Render of the series

Hmm, overall I’d say the renders lack detail, and Your lighting is a bit bland. The first picture seems underlit, even being a night scene.

There could be better transition between the arms, legs, and body–maybe by using tight edge loops at the connection points if you haven’t tried that already. In the third image, Kirby’s material is too reflective; light from his leg and body are bouncing off each other. The same case may apply to Waddle Dees too, but it’s less noticeable.


The thing about Kirbys feet… Are they even connected to his body??? his arms can be connected sometimes and sometimes not, it does look better when connected which I might do.

I don’t exactly know what you mean by reflective because I turned Kirby and the Waddle Dees specular shading off, is there a way to not give such a reflective look in Cycles?