Kirov Airship

Blender 2.62

cycles 400+ samples

i don’t know to create a good background for this image

i’m here to improve so please help me :smiley:

if it is a dirigible lighter-than air relying on atmospheric displacement for propulsion then it could not leave the atmosphere and there would have to be some evidence of atmospheric conditions not pure space vacuum

google pics of stratosphere?

First of all: Nice airship you got there :wink: Id at something more attraktiv, something whats moving in the background. For example an explosion or other small airship so the scene doesn’t look that boring :wink: Play a little bit with the compositer as well…

But you did definitly a great job with modelling :wink:

This looks really very funny und nice.

The stars in the backgroung is not suitable how also the others said.

Perhaps you can do something at the tex of the hull of the zeppelin. A bump noisy tex? Or shouldn’t it be something like a zeppelin. If it should then perhaps the hull could be stretched a bit out between the cage.

Bah, humbug! This is obviously a space dirigible! :smiley:

And a Russian space-dirigible, complete with a little bad-dog mini-spaceship in a docking station below! (As any American knows, “Russian” means bad.) :eyebrowlift2:

So, now, my imagination is clamoring for a contrasting Good American Spaceship coming back the other way, equally fanciful and deliberately stylized, ready to “duke it out in outer space” either for the future of the Universe or for five minutes’ worth of popcorn-laden entertainment.

I love this idea. Run with it. :cool:

Ooh, nice concept, I would add some planets or nebulae in the background, and those bombs look a little bit too smooth.

A dirigible needs air to float. The gas in the main chamber needs to be lighter than the atmosphere to counteract the weight of the cabin and propulsion devices. In space, there is no gravity, so therefore the gas chamber of the dirigible isn’t needed.