Kiss - bl33d's 2D art

Here is my latest 2D exercise… (3rd in order) … Still trying to get the feeling of the tablet. But i think am doing pretty well. 3D skills and previous experiences of 2D helps a lot.

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But dont! if you dont really want. Save my bandwith please :smiley:


You’ve got the textures down to a fine art . . . but it kind of lacks some emotional depth that one would expect. A 5*'s on everything else.

Looks really nice, I like the detail in the skin. Everything reads as a little hot though, color wise. Maybe draw in some cools, to get a little contrast in there? Could be beautiful.

Yeah the image is quite "hot! in color sense… I tried cooler color adjustments but for some strange reason they didnt work out too well.

You could have paid a little more attention to the construction of the features cause the seem a little mis aligned but the skin tones are very well done you could cool things down a bit by using extremely desatured pale blue highlights

overall this is a very good image certainly better than what I could do with a tablet