Initially it was just sculpt mode test, but then I make this:

Modellin, sculpting, haircut and rendering in Blender. Postprocessing in Gimp.

Nice job! Usually people draw the hair afterwards (nobody likes hair texturing). Both figures were modeled and textured exceptionally well! This should go into the gallery!

Hair are made with static particles, not faked by textures.

nise job, just 1 thing, u might wona put the heads on the same level… the mouths mismatch (specialy with closed eyes??) lol

Yes, but she must bend down to reach man mount because she’s not so close.

This is amazing. Although I don’t like these grotesqe deformed heads, this one is exceptionally well done. The right head somehow looks much more realistic thant the left one!

Great job!


… and some of the best I’ve seen yet! Sweet!

I love the image and the concept, tho perhaps would like to see them closer together to increase the “eeeeeuuuw” value. (What my nieces would say if they saw this :slight_smile: )

My one crit: the nose on the lady needs more defined nostril flares at its base. Check out some nose ref pix. It also seems a little on the bulbous side…