kiss !

hi … i done this work in 3 hours … the render took 3 mins .
this is try num 1 :

this is my second try ! .

link doesn’t work

ok srry i edited it now :smiley:

The ground is shiny…

i edited it
how its look now :D?

There’s still a bright reflection or specularity on the ground on the left side.

The silhouettes look like cutouts against the sun because they are black with sharp edges. In a photo of such a situation, the silhouettes would actually pick up some of the reddish sky color where they occlude the sun. Also the sunlight would appear to bleed into or bloom around the silhouettes.

The sun itself could use some glow/bloom too. It actually seems to have a dark edge in your image. Finally, not sure but it seems a bit small for a setting sun.

Edit: Here is an example what I’m talking about:

Another thing: The trees look like they’re being lit by spotlights from the front, while the couple is not. Is that what you wanted?

what about now xD … i think its much better !

I would throw it into photoshop and crankup the contrast