KIT OPS 2 Now Shipping

not sure how to do that on this thread.

im on your product mailing list.

Hey everyone, KIT OPS 2 is now just shipping. Check it out:


Hi I bought KIT OPS PRO Lite kitbashing addon for Blender 25 $ and I don’t understand how to access to KIT OPS 2 ?? when i click on my old gumroad link i d’ont see new product.

Please contact me at and I’ll get you straightened out.

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The new kitops rocks !! So simple, straight forward and full of new features. This is a solid update.


Hi, Thanks for the update it’s working great.
I was wondering if anyone knows a way to setup a shortcut key to the Add Insert button. I need to place a lot of rivet heads by hand. Currently I’m placing one and then I have to go back to the add on and click add insert to add the next one. I’m trying to figure out to say hold the shift or Ctrl button down while left clicking to add a new insert.
I do have it mapped to quick favorites but I still have take a few moments to navigate down the menu item.

Hello Chipp Walters,

Been using it for some time now and have a few questions regarding Kit ops that I come across:

  • Cutters vs objects —> visual geometry to mesh. Objects will not work the way like cutters do. If I want to transfer objects to a mesh is that possible in another way or how do you suggest applying it to a model?

  • Using Kitops objects and parenting them to an asset/model: Since the issue mentioned regarding not being able (hence the above question) to transfer Kitops objects to a mesh I am creating assets/models that I want to use in different projects/scenes. So I thought to parent them to the main mesh/model that I apply the kitops objects to. However when I try to append them I get all sorts of weird double meshes and inserts.(PS: the method I use is first append “ from collection," where I categorized my models in that blender file, and then secondly append the Kitops inserts separately. When I append the latter is usually where all the things go wrong. Is there another way you use to parent kitops objects to a model?

  • Rendering bevels. I have looked at your vid regarding baking bevels which was quite informative. However depending upon the complexity of the model the bevels become harder and harder to get right at all.
    What are the parameters I can use/play with to try the best setting? You refer to the UV spacing in the video but another YT vid also says to adjust the ray distance parameter I the cycles bake option.

  • Arraying doesn’t seem to work all of the time when applying it to an kitops “object”. Can arraying be done from within Kitops? (or haven’t I done the rtfm job well?)

  • Updating Kitops in itself is a standard procedure like with all addons, however is there a way to preserve the path’s to the various Kpacks that I also eery time need to reinstall? It has become quite a few Kpacks over time… is there a smart way you (or anyone) use?

Lastly, I have seen you use a dynamic cable system in the new Kitops2 teasers. Is that a new kpack addition some time soon?

Thank you in advance.