KIT OPS 2 Now Shipping

Sounds like a conflict of sorts.

Please try

Thanks, will have a look.

Just wanted to share my opinion on this addon.

The act of actively hiding simple truths and banning/attacking people for asking simple non provoking questions from your community with no warnings whatsoever, simply because the mention of github might lead to legal facts is a big no no in my book.
Sorry, but I do not agree with that type of manipulation, purposefully and actively taking away choice and keeping people naïve for monetary gain, nor with the toxic behavior.

My advice to all add-on developers.
Blender is a community about getting better together, be kind, support your users, so they can and WANT to support you.

My advice to all add-on users.
Support your developers! Add-ons, just like Blender itself, exist because you keep them alive, they need you. If you use them, please, donate to their cause.
But choose wisely which developer you want to support, which developer deserves your support.

Hello @chippwalters
I was quite confused (and a bit ennoyed) today when i discovered that some features just vanished from previous version of KitOps.

Where did the boolproperties Masterxeon pointed out earlier go ?
(Clean list name, clean insert names)

Where are the button for the display options ?

I tried reinstalling the addon, checked on several blender versions… no way.
By the way, could we have an option (in the preferences) to disable Autoselect (in anymode) and autoscale ?


I recently instaled Blender 2.92 and kitops 2.18.10. I have an issue with the “add INSERT” and “add MATERIAL” buttons being greyed out and not clickable.

where could that problem come from?

You’re in local mode. Check out the docs:

I am having an issue with the new thumbnail cache engine… I am getting a “failed to install Pillow” error.

I am also using the Blender beta 2.93 version, if that matters… which is built from the source…

If you have a custom build of Blender, there’s not much we can do to help you. Sorry. You might try contacting Bonjorno7 on Discord who wrote the pillow thumbnail routine.

hey thanks… It’s actually the same as the beta nightly build, sort of. Only difference is I get the commits before the nightly is made and I build the debug version and the release version. (which means I have the fixes before the official nightly release.)

I think I know what the issue is, but, can’t mess with it right now. (think it’s calling the wrong version of PIP)… I’ll track him down, though, and ask…

On a side note, I ended up buying all your stuff after toying with Kit Ops… thanks man! great stuff!

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Ok, got everything working… yea, doesn’t play well with special builds… but anyways…

I am up and running with the LTS 2.93 version of Blender and just playing around trying to create an insert and all.

So, what do you do, when you make a mistake in the process and now I am stuck at the below screen…


EDIT: actually, the only thing that I could do is just start over… which is the best possible solution… I was expecting some sort of a way to recover, but, doing this is easier…

So far, having a blast with all of this!

My question, though, how hard would it be to expand the Synth recipes for the corridor to include different possible intersections, like a “T” or a “+” or a corner “L”? (I didn’t look in the thread for this topic)

You could certainly create a SYNTH recipe that could include a T or other joint at the end of the cooridor, but it would take another SYNTH recipe to add to it.

Then again, you could use iterator to create lots of corridor designs and then convert them into INSERTS, and just use KIT OPS to manually stack everything up as you like.

Hey Chip… question…

At the moment, I am doing set up stuff in Blender and kind of going through all your material to get up to speed.

My goal is geared around animations and I use actions and the NLA a lot in my work. My question is, and I haven’t got that deep into the structure of the inserts just yet, is, how do you handle animated inserts?

I am working on a kind of cool way to trigger actions and all and being able to use stuff like door inserts, etc., would be a time saver.

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Love the new update, but, was wondering if it would be possible to solve an issue when upgrading… The file paths.

Would it be possible to somehow add the ability to save the file paths to the kit masters to a text file and then after removal of the version, reload those paths from the saved file?

Would make upgrading so much easier…

thanks and great work, keep it up!

You can already do this. Look in the PREFS where you can export and import your file paths. :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks, yea, the wonders when you finally read the docs… lol

hey, just a heads up, I guess. Just got the new Design Majic and the documentation for the install and the actual files that I downloaded don’t match the file names.

In the docs, it says to install DMADDON.ZIp, which I suppose is the file… Same for the K-Packs… it’s different… Not that hard to figure out, but, you know how that goes…

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Little instruction for Linux users of Blender 2.93 who get “Failed to install Pillow” error when trying to install Thumbnail Caching Engine.

All you need to do (in linux terminal):
cd ~
curl | python3.9
python3.9 -m pip install --target=.local/lib/python3.9/site-packages pillow

By the way, the instructions on the ppa page helped me come to this solution, on which they recommended installing numpy in the same way:

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Hey, thanks for that. I’ll fix it.

Much appreciated!

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