KIT OPS BEVEL and worn "chipped paint" bevels in EEVEE and Cycles

Create stunning chipped paint effects and rendered bevels on even the most complicated of geometry.

Introducing a brand new addon called KIT OPS BEVEL and it works with both EEVEE and Cycles. Both regular and worn bevels-- all in a few clicks.

See the video:

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regular bevel created by KIT OPS BEVEL

Worn bevel created by KIT OPS BEVEL

KIT OPS BEVEL comes with default materials you can use to create both the worn and base material. Or you can use the EEVEE Materials System: EMS (or any other material with an “open” normal slot) to create your beveled material with wear. So, for instance here are a couple more examples:

Uses a gunmetal EMS base material and the default metallic worn edge.

Uses the EMS rubber bevel materials for base and worn edge


Duly purchased. :slight_smile:

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Good luck with your release Chip :clinking_glasses: Looks great!

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Here are some renders I created this evening based on a masterxeon file he sent me. Simplified geo then added bevels on all parts.

All materials are part of EEVEE Materials System


I changed the tab for kit ops bevel to use the same as KIT OPS, save preferences, seems to work. However, on exiting Blender and re-starting, it reverts to the default BEVEL tab every time.

Whoops, forgot to make it call the update function during register.
Fixed now, expect an update soon.

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No worries, ex-dev myself of a looong time, so I know how these things are. :smiley:


Using this method will produce a tiny baking seam, which will become more obvious in other software (such as maya), but the effect of baking with high mold will be better.

Is there any way to eliminate or weaken this seam? Otherwise, I can’t use this method to improve efficiency in my workflow.

Uploading: Snipaste_2020-12-24_06-25-48.png…

I assume you saw my reply on how to mitigate over at